Requirements of Technology for Online Schools

Requirements of Technology for Online Schools


Consistently advancing technology has added marvels to the growth of online education chiefway smart film. The technology of online schools makes use of media in various forms like audio, video, images, text, animations and more recently streaming 2D or 3D videos.


The basic requirement of technology for online schools includes a computer with sufficient memory, word processing software, and an interface which supports the curriculum requirements, up-to-date web browser, a reliable internet connection and an e-mail account for communication. It is also recommended that antivirus and backup software be used on the computer to be used for imparting and receiving education.

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The essentially required technology for online schools comes in a package which would include the following: 


  1. The Computer

The basic requirement in a computer to be used for online school is its ability to successfully handle the required online software To ensure this, the computer should have enough memory and processing power. It should also be able to handle applications such as Microsoft Office and an internet connection. Ideally, the computer should be older than three years. Normally the system requirements and configurations are listed on the school’s website. Internet access is a must. The faster the connection, the smoother is the learning experience. It must ob ensured that the computer’s configuration matched with the requirements of the online school.


  1. E-Mail Account

A valid e-mail account is necessary to establish communication with the school. Normally the internet provider also provides e-mail services, but the use of free e-mail accounts offered by g-mail, yahoo and MSN also works fine. It is not necessary to maintain a separate account for school communication.


  1. Internet Browser

      The most important piece of software to be used by an online student is the internet browser.     Various schools offer courses that require specific browser plug-in applications like Java. Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome are the open-source browsers, and they offer a variety of plug-ins, and students find these quite helpful.

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  1. Media (Audio and Video)

Mostly all online schools make use of media in various forms like audio, video, images, text, animations and more recently streaming 2D or 3D videos. To use these features, sound cards and speakers are required. Some classes also require the use of webcams and microphones to facilitate interaction in classes. 


  1. Antivirus and Backup Software

The trusted antivirus software should essentially be installed on computers. There are various phishing emails, and viruses can infect the computer. Students should ensure that they maintain a back-up of their work. For this, good back-up software is necessary. Some schools also offer to maintain a back-up in specified school areas to protect the student’s work in progress. The work should periodically be copied to pen drives and USB to minimize data loss.


Recommended Software

The widely used and recommended software package is Microsoft Office, which helps in texts through Word, number and calculation sheets through Excel and presentations through PowerPoints. Some classes may have specific requirements, and the student is expected to purchase software to complete a course.